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Rask, M. & Dholakia, N. (2001). Next to the Customer's Heart and Wallet: Frameworks for Exploring the Emerging M-commerce Arena. In M. V. Ram Krishnan (Ed.), 2001 AMA Winter Marketing Educators' Conference (Vol. 12, pp. 372-378). Marriott Mountain Shadows Resort, Scottsdale, Arizona: American Marketing Association


M-commerce, e-commerce, portals, one-to-one marketing, competition, boundary of firm, telecommunications, financial services


M-commerce is any communication, information and monetary related interaction via a mobile telecommunications network using a Communication, Information, and Payment (CIP) device. Emerging M-portals will integrate m-Brochure, m-Manual, and m-Store formats. M-commerce will also blur the boundaries between consumer and business-to-business marketing and transform industry structures in telecom, ISP, financial, content, retail, and other industries.

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