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Rask, M., & Kristensen, J. B. (2002). Export Promotion: An annotated bibliography. Aalborg, Denmark: Unpublished Working paper, Department of Business Studies, Aalborg University.

This bibliography seeks to summarize existing knowledge about the phenomena "Export Promotion". The literature in this bibliography are presented according to the publishing date and besides the bibliographical data described according to the following themes:

  • What is export promotion?
  • How to do export promotion?
  • Why export promotion?
  • Where (countries) is a need for export promotion?
  • Which types of organizations are included in export promotion programs (including definitions of SMEs)?

The goal with this bibliography is to collect citations in a clear an well-arranged form so the student, researcher, consultant and other individuals with interests in export promotion have the possibility to create a holistic view of the phenomena.

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