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Andersen, P. H., & Rask, M. (2003). Supply chain management: New organisational practices for changing procurement realities. Journal of Purchasing & Supply Management, 2003(9), 83-95.

How does implementation of SCM strategies affect the organisation of procurement? Based on case study material of 15 Danish companies this contribution develops a set of statements concerning the organisational role and job assignments of procurement in the light of SCM practice. For this purpose we use an analytical technique known as the degree-of-freedom analysis. It is suggested that new organisational practices such as key supply management, team based management and changing skill requirements of purchasing personnel may be an outcome of implementing SCM practices towards suppliers. Theoretical and practical implications are derived. The main implications are that procurement officers must develop their communicative and boundary-spanning abilities in order to take on their new position as key supply purchaser linking actors both internal and external, to the lead firm.

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