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Rask, M., & Ivang, R. (2004). Scanmarket A/S: A story about an e-Marketplace. European Case Clearing House (Reference No. 304-143-1), 14 pp.

The case describes a rare example of a successful e-marketplace with a patient expansion process and where customers (doing reverse auctions) are the focus. It is the goal with the e-marketplace to make existing buyer-seller relationships more efficient and the case discusses the considerations in the company behind the e-marketplace. The case raises important questions of relationships in B2B marketing and purchasing and other relevant B2B e-commerce issues, and how electronic processes affect these. The case illustrates challenges facing designers of the system, buyers and sellers. The case has been used in three types of teaching situations: (1) classroom discussions; (2) as an illustrative case that confronted theoretical issues used in lectures; and (3) finally the case have been used as the fundament for examinations.

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