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Rask, M. (2004). The Internationalization Process of the E-marketplace Scanmarket A/S. European Case Clearing House (Reference No. 304-586-1), 10 pp

The case describes the early internationalization process and the considerations about future international expansion of a successful e-marketplace where customers (doing reverse auctions) are the focus. Scanmarket was trying to find identify the most suitable entry modes; i.e. types of entry modes that could handled a fast, broad and deep international expansion process with limited resources. The case raises important questions of the importance of physical presence and trust for a dot.com firm selling digital products that in theory can be handled by digital actors. The case illustrates challenges facing managers of dot.com firms. The case can be used in different types of teaching situations: (1) classroom discussions; (2) as an illustrative case applied to theoretical issues used in lectures; and (3) finally as the basis for examinations.

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