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Rask, M. (2007a). The Internationalization Process of the E-marketplace Autocom A/S. European Case Clearing House, Reference: 307-056-1

This case describes the early internationalization process and the considerations about future international expansion of an e-marketplace. The case illustrates the complexity of internationalizing an internet-based SME. The first attempt to handle the internationalization of the firm, was to have foreigners employed at the Danish headquarter in order to handle a fast and broad international expansion process with limited resources involved. It was then recognized that this structure could not satisfy the needed concentration on the current foreign markets. Then Autocom identified the most suitable entry mode to foreign markets as foreign sales offices organized by local people with industry experiences. The case raises important questions of the importance of physical presence for a dot.com firm selling digital products; products that in theory can be distributed digitally but in practice needs to be organized by real people having real face-to-face dialog.

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