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Rask, M., & Bøllingtoft, A. (2008). The Export Incubator:Leveraging export assistance through networking?, Internationalisation of Companies and Inter-cultural Management. Rebild, Denmark.

The export incubator is a market entry platform, formed by the Danish Trade Counsil at foreign markets. Special rooms have been organised and fitted with an independent entrance, so that the companies renting the office space do not reside in the Embassy or Consulate building itself. Local administrative assistance provided by the trade council is also made available in addition to office facilities. We find these export incubators interesting because they promise a faster and more network-based profound foreign market entry that have high control, limited risk and less resource commitment. All in all, the exporting firm can focus on market developing and creating a foothold on the market only, where physical presence often is necessary in order to react fast and efficient on changed market conditions and to create and maintain personal relations. We will in this paper discuss the characteristic of the export incubator as an entry mode, especially in relation to understanding the type and extension of the networking activities.

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