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Andersen, P. H., & Rask, M. (2009, June 4-7). Market framing efforts of the Environmental Market Maker Better Place Denmark. Paper presented at the 2009 Macromarketing Seminar, Kristiansand, Norway

Electric cars hold the potential to completely alter the interrelationship among actors in the automobile industry architecture. However, the is not yet at market as such but initial market development shows that Denmark is becoming a global hotspot for electric cars of the future. The main reason or the main player in bringing electric cars to Denmark is the Israeli-American venture capital project Better Place. In cooperation with DONG Energy, Better Place plans to create a national infrastructure network of battery charging spots to establish Denmark as a viable country for mass-market electric cars by 2011. The Better Place consortium plans to introduce Renault-Nissan electric cars to Danish roads as part of its efforts. This paper is concerned with the processes of that industry creation for the electric car industry. The aim of this paper is to describe and analyse how envision of market ideas, designing market activities and creation of legitimacy among key constituents can be found in the emerging market for electric cars.

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