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Rask, M., Andersen, P. H., Linneberg, M. S., & Christensen, P. R. (2009, June 4-7). Local Design & Global Dreams Emerging Business Models creating the Emergent Electric Vehicle Industry. Paper presented at the 2009 Macromarketing Seminar, Kristiansand, Norway

Electric cars hold the potential to completely alter the interrelationship among actors in the automobile industry architecture. As such they may not only be able to alleviate environmental externalities but also revolutionise the automobile industry as such. This paper is concerned with the processes of industry creation for the electric car industry, which is a particular fascinating topic matter as it allows the analysis to provide an understanding of the processes of innovation and of some of its inventors in concert. In continuation of this, the aim of this paper is to describe and analyse which emergent business models and corresponding value capturing capabilities can be found in the emerging market for electric cars.

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