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Rask, Morten ; Klitmøller, Anders. (2020) Organizing for creativity across organizational boundaries for Business Actors in Emerging Markets: The Case of etrans Design Collaboration. 2010. Konferencen: Nordic Workshop on Interorganizational Research., nr. 20, Sandbjerg, Danmark, 16. august 2010 - 18. august 2010.


The aim of this paper has been to describe and analyse the creative ideation process of developing business models in emergent markets. In relation to the research question we find the important issue to be addressed; how to design a successful interorganizational creative collaboration process that results in an improvement of the business model design.
Regarding the process design, that is the creation of a successful intraorganizational creative collaboration process, we find it important to configure teams where the participants have the right set of complementary competences, skills and competitive viewpoint. Such a team will expand the boundary of creativity that is important to make the ideation process work. In other words, the ideation setup consisting of people within the same context, with the same set of skill and with the same view point will stumble the process if not stop it.
When considering the design of the business model we find that interorganizational collaboration is needed to improve the business model, both in a short and long term perspective. In the short run the collaboration between the etrans Design Collaboration and Falck Auto Assistance lead to ready to market ideas that captured the low hanging fruits of incremental product improvement and enhanced customer interaction. The point being that the collaboration of an external organizational partner led to the reflection and identification of value that would not have been identified by people in the organizational context that is within Falck Auto Assistance. When focusing on emergent market the long term effects are two folded; that is questioning the corporate identity as a future survivor and simply to create new markets be introducing new products.

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